Image Sensor’s Amplifier Design Extends Capture Capabilities

Image Sensor’s Amplifier Design Extends Capture Capabilities

Following its acquisition of Truesense Imaging, ON Semiconductor added the KAI-08051 to its CCD image sensor family. It enhances light sensitivity and color accuracy while reducing read noise. The new image sensor will look to expand opportunities for 8-Mpixel image capture in demanding applications such as intelligent traffic, surveillance, medical imaging, and industrial inspection.

The KAI-08051 shares the same advanced 5.5-µm pixel architecture, 8-Mpixel resolution, 15-frame/s readout rate and 4/3 optical format as the existing KAI-08050. However, it improves key performance parameters thanks to an improved amplifier design, newly optimized microlens structure, and new color-filter pigments in both Bayer and Sparse color configurations.

The sensor is backward-compatible with the KAI-08050, requiring at most minor modifications to the firmware used in existing camera designs. Thus, the new image sensor can retain plug-and-play interoperability with the full family of 5.5-µm Interline Transfer CCD devices, enabling a single camera design to support 1- to 29-Mpixel image sensors.

The KAI-08051, now in production, comes in monochrome, Bayer color, and Sparse color configurations. 


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