Wireless Systems Design

Integrated Circuits Embed Wi-Fi In Portables

With the launch of a range of single-chip Wi-Fi devices, CSR now offers designers a Wi-Fi implementation that specifically targets cell phones and other pocket-sized consumer products. Examples of such products include digital cameras and MP3 players. CSR's UniFi ICs combine up to three Wi-Fi standards into one chip. Because UniFi does not rely on a host processor, it also is suitable for embedding Wi-Fi in consumer-electronic devices like DVD or video players and plasma screens.

CSR's first UniFi products are: UniFi-1 Portable and UniFi-1 Consumer. UniFi-1 Portable (802.11b/g, single band) comes in an ultra-small package for cell phones. In contrast, UniFi-1 Consumer (802.11a/b/g, dual band) is aimed at cell phones and other consumer-electronics applications. UniFi-1 Portable is available in a 5.8-×-6.4-mm CSP, while UniFi-1 Consumer is available in an 8-×-8-mm BGA package. CSR has achieved these size reductions by integrating the RF, modem, baseband, and media access controller (MAC) into one IC. In addition, the consumer version contains integrated Flash memory.

For RF performance, it's important for the Wi-Fi radio to be able to coexist in very close proximity to GSM/CDMA and Bluetooth radios. Those other radios are already present in the handset. UniFi minimizes spurious emissions in the cellular-phone bands. In addition, it isn't blocked by co-located cellular transmitters.

Unit prices for the UniFi-1 Wi-Fi ICs are less than $8 each. Full production begins before mid-2005.

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