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ISSCC Preview

It's time to put in for your travel budget to attend the 2004 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference, Feb. 15-19 at the San Francisco Marriott Hotel. Next year's ISSCC will be one of the largest to date, with 204 papers, three plenary presentations, special evening sessions, multiple tutorials, and a short course.

In the analog area, check out sigma-delta modulators with 10- to 12-MHz bandwidths, 1-Gsample/s ADCs, and 14-bit CMOS DACs operating at 1.4 Gsamples/s. Some of the digital technology presentations will examine the integration of multiple independent CPUs on a chip, high-speed circuits operating at 7 GHz, and a 4-Mbit magnetoresistive RAM.

Some of the papers covering signal processing and imaging will include presentations describing a JPEG2000 codec that handles 1440 by 1080 pixels at 30 frames/s for HDTV movie transmission, a single-chip 3G cdma2000 cellular baseband solution, and a neural prosthesis that can restore sight to the blind. In wireless and wireline communications, papers will detail a true single-chip Bluetooth transceiver and 108-Gbit/s 4:1 multiplexers.

For the full advance program and registration details, visit

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