Electronic Design

Little Micro Makes Big Flash

Atmel's latest 8-bit ATmega AVR microcontrollers are designed for large, low-power applications. The smallest part is the 64-pin ATmega 2561. The AVR's 32 register file is great for C programming. The chip also can wake up interrupts on up to 32 pins. Development kit and tools pricing starts at $79. Pricing for the ATmega starts at $4.75.


ATmega Specifications
CPU 16-MHz, 8-bit AVR
Flash 64 to 256 kbytes
RAM 8 kbytes
EEPROM 2 kbytes
Clock 8-MHz, 2% on-chip oscillator
Timers 4 to 16 PWM/timers
Analog 8-channel, 10-bit ADC, 9.5-bit effective resolution after calibration
Serial 2 or 4
Power 1.8- to 5.5-V, 100-na power-down mode
Debug JTAG, boundary scan
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