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Logic Devices Target Telecomm And Datacomm Apps

The GTLP6C816 and GTLP16612A are the first two members of the company's Gunning Transceiver Logic-Plus (GTPL) family of devices developed for use in datacom, telecom, servers, RAID systems and other applications with rising demands for high data throughput from multi-slot, medium and heavily-loaded backplanes. The devices act as high-speed translators between TTL or low-voltage TTL logic levels and backplanes operating at GTLP levels. All devices in the GTLP portfolio feature reduced signal output swing into a 50 ohm impedance transmission line, tight input threshold levels and output edge-rate control on both the rising and falling edges of the GTLP outputs. These features help reduce line reflections and EMI while improving overall signal integrity, allowing for high-speed backplane frequencies. Because of their flow-through pinout, internal edge-rate control, high operating frequency and drive capability, designers can maintain signal integrity, it's claimed, while increasing the number of cards serviced on a high-performance backplane. The devices also support live insertion or removal without "glitching" data, an important capability for high-availability communications and networking applications. Both chips are available for sampling. The GTLP6C816AL comes in a 24-pin TSSOP package and is priced at $5.56 each/100. The GTLP16612AA is housed in a 56-pin TSSOP package and costs $7.32 each/100.


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