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Logic Family Gives Major Boost To Bus Performance

Bus performance in systems such as computers, servers, routers, and network switches is said to be improved by a whopping 40% by the members of a new logic family. The improvement derives from a combination of fast propagation delays (1.2 ns), low output skew, very low intrinsic jitter, and variable output impedance (VOI) control. VOI control automatically changes the impedance of output drivers during signal transitions to minimize under- and over-shoot. The ICs also boast of a carefully controlled slew rate of 1V-2V/ns to reduce noise.
The family includes AVC, LVCMOS, ALVC and ALVCH devices in the form of transceivers, buffers, drivers, registers, and high-performance PLL clock generators. And in addition to internal system high-speed buses, the new logic is also well-suited for use in external modules, such as add-in cards and DIMMs. The logic comes housed in TSSOPs, SSOPs and TVSOPs and ranges from $1.02 to $6.75 each/1,000 in price.


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