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Logic Package Slims Down

Heralding a breakthrough in ultra-thin leadless packaging, the MicroPakII emerges as the smallest leadless logic package available, measuring 1 mm2 with a pad pitch of 0.35 mm. A second package, the SOD882T for RF applications, measures in at 0.6 mm2. A special substrate enables a 33% reduction in package size for the MicroPakII over its MicroPak predecessor. With a contact area of 0.298 mm2, it also provides a contact-footprint ratio of 30%, said to be nearly double that of most leaded and leadless packages in its class. Reportedly, the MicroPakII also delivers the highest performance in shear and pull tests: 73% better in shear strength and 66% better pull strength than comparable leadless devices. Price is $0.29 each/10,000. ROYAL PHILIPS ELECTRONICS, San Jose, CA. (408) 617-4700.


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