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Low-Power Logic Device Family Gains Four New Logic Functions

Four members have been added to the NC7 series of TinyLogic ultra-low-power logic devices. The NC7SV19, a 1-of-2 decoder/demultiplexer, specifically fits high-speed flash memory selection while operating from a low-voltage supply. The company also has developed three dual buffers and inverters with and without Schmitt trigger inputs—the NC7WP14, NC7WV16, and NC7WV17. The NC7SV19's typical propagation delay is 3 ns when operating from a 1.65- to 1.95-V supply. The NC7WV and NC7WP offer a choice of packaging, including the six-lead SC70 and a chip-scale MicroPak, the latter requiring only 1.5 mm2 of mounting space. The NC7WV16 and NC7WV17 (no Schmitt-trigger input) and NC7WP14 dual-bit buffers and inverter offer typical propagation delays of only 2 ns at 2.5 V and 3 ns at 1.8 V. Designed for 30% to 50% less power consumption than LCX and similar technologies, the devices include overvoltage protection of up to 4.6 V over a supply range of 0.9 to 3.6 V. All models are available now in six-lead SC70 and in leadless, chip-scale MicroPak packages. In 1000-unit lots, the NC7SV19 costs $0.25 each, while the NC7WP14, NC7WV16, and NC7WV17 all cost $0.17 apiece.

Fairchild Semiconductor International
(888) 522-5372

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