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MCU Families Have Lots Of Life Yet

The HC08 and Coldfire microcontroller (MCU) dynasties from Freescale continue with the MC9S08Q 8-bit family and the 32-bit MCF532x and MCF537x MCUs.

The MC9SO8Q targets low-power applications requiring a wide range of peripherals and a small footprint. It includes a high-resolution analog-to-digital converter and an on-chip clock.

The 32-bit Coldfire family targets connectivity, control, and security applications. It includes hardware encryption support and a range of communication options. The MCF532x includes an LCD controller for user-interface applications. The MCF537x targets networking applications like Voice over IP (VoIP).

Development tools include the Metrowerks CodeWarrior IDE. Low-cost development kits come with applicationcode limited C compilers. Full development kits also are available. The Coldfire kit includes uClinux support.

Freescale Semiconductor

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