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MCUs Enter Smart Objects And System Security Markets

MCUs Enter Smart Objects And System Security Markets

Claiming lower power and higher performance, the AT0SO family of secure microcontrollers (MCUs) target smart objects and systems and is reportedly the first in the industry to offer a wide range of interfaces. The first member of the family, the AT90SO128, exploits a secureAVR 8-/16-bit rapid, low-power RISC architecture with 288 KB of ROM, 128 KB of EEPROM, and 12 KB of RAM. Support for all standard cryptography algorithms, i.e., AES, DES/TDES, RSA, and ECC, is available via embedded accelerators, which are compatible with Common Criteria EAL4+ and FIPS140-2 certifications. Samples of the AT90SO128 are available in both SOIC8 and QFN44 packages. ATMEL CORP., San Jose, CA. (408) 441-0311.
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