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Memory-Card Reader Takes On An Assortment Of Formats

The wide variety of memory-card types and their infiltration into digital cameras, PDAs, cell phones, MP3 players, and so on require host systems to be as flexible as possible. The USB2223 and USB2224 memory-card reader chips from SMSC provide that flexibility by handling as many as 10 different formats. They also communicate and get their power over a USB 2.0 interface.

These chips support all major memory-card standards. The USB2224 also supports the new xD Picture Card. Both come complete with compliance certification testing from the xD Picture Card Office. Solidgear, a third-party test lab, performed complete Memory Stick standard compliance testing as well. Other supported standards include SmartMedia cards, Memory Stick Pro, High-Speed Memory Stick, Secure Digital, MultiMediaCard, NAND flash, Compact Flash I and II (CF), and CF form-factor ATA hard drives.

The USB2223 and USB2224 both feature over 50 user-programmable settings, so designers can customize chip operations for their applications. Power-management logic minimizes power consumption at the system level while delivering maximum efficiency. Up to four memory-card slots can operate simultaneously, allowing for the simultaneous operation of logical icons.

Internally, the chips perform 1-bit error-checking and correction to ensure data integrity. Systems can boot from flash media cards that support the USB bulk mass-storage-compliant bootable BIOS as well.

The card readers come in a 128-lead TQFP that measures 14 mm on a side and just 1 mm thick. In lots of 1000, they cost $4.45 each. Production quantities are available now.

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