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Mic Pre-Amps Include Complete Shut-Down Feature

In the interest of power savings, the MAX4465/MAX4466 family of microphone preamplifiers feature a complete shutdown mode that reduces the amplifiers supply current to less than 1 µA and shuts down the internal microphone. The MAX4465/MAX4466 come in a five-pin SC70 (half the size of SOT23) while the MAX4467/MAX4468/MAX4469 come in an eight-pin SOT23. All devices in the family consume just 20 µA of supply current. The single-channel MAX4465/MAX4467 and dual-channel MAX4469 are unity-gain stable and have a 200 kHz gain bandwidth product, while the MAX4466 and MAX4468 are de-compensated and have a minimum stable gain of 5V/V, with a gain bandwidth of 500 kHz. Prices start at $0.29 each/1,000-up. MAXIM INTEGRATED PRODUCTS, Sunnyvale, CA. (408) 737-7600.


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