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Micronas Delivers Market’s Smallest DTV Demodulator

Compliant with ATSC A/53, the DRX3931J, an 8VSB and QAM 64/256 demodulator with integrated IF amplifier, measures 7 m x 7 mm in a 48-pin QFN package. It is reportedly the smallest such device on the market and represents an 80% reduction in size over comparable devices. The device employs the company's primeDR demodulator technology, a field-proven, ghost-friendly 8VSB demodulator technology that improves performance in the multipath-rich environments typical in cities and ensures reliable reception under severe signal conditions. Additionally, the IF amplifier allows the use of lower cost tuner modules. The DRX3931J comes with a range of software modules to control the device, all of which share a common API. Sampling now with production planned for the second quarter, pricing will be around $4 each/100,000. MICRONAS USA INC., Santa Clara, CA. (408) 625-1200.


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