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Module Takes On Web, SSL, FAT

An 8-bit processor handles secure web chores in this new ethernet-based module. Crafted by Rabbit Semiconductor, the RCM3300 incorporates a 44-MHz Rabbit 3000 8-bit processor, 10/100BaseT Ethernet interface, 8-Mbyte serial flash, 512-Mbyte flash, 512-kbyte program SRAM, and 512-kbyte data SRAM. The module supports five serial ports and 49 I/O ports.

Pricing for the RCM3300 is $69. The Secure Embedded Web Application Kit, at $499, brings SSL (Secure Socket Layer) support. File Allocation Table (FAT) and RabbitWeb support costs $149. Software is royalty-free. RabbitWeb includes compact forms processing support.

Rabbit Semiconductor

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