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Multi-Channel Codecs Suite Dolby Digital & DVD Apps

Support for both Dolby Digital AC3 and Dolby Pro Logic surround sound, as well as for DVD applications, is said to be provided by TR28620CG and TR28640CG audio codecs. TR28640 integrates four independent channels of A/D converters and six channels of D/A converters. The above applications can be realized by using either device with a separate AC3 decoder. Benefits include simple system design, lower system cost and more consistent performance. Other key features include independent power-down for all ADC and DAC channels, which allows greater flexibility in power management applications. In addition to supporting 24-bit data for both the ADC and DAC channels, the chips also support sampling rates of up to 96 kHz for the ADC channels, thus eliminating the need for sampling rate conversion. Both devices are housed in 44-pin LQFP packages.

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