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Multifunction Flash-Card Chip Supports IR, USB, And 15 Card Types

The USB2232 simplifies the design of smart peripherals. Developed by Standard Microsystems Corp., it merges a consumer infrared (CIR) controller, a 480-Mbit/s USB interface, and a 15-in-one flash media card reader onto a single chip.

Thanks to an on-chip 1.8-V regulator for low-power operation, the USB connection or the system’s power supply can power the chip. The USB2232 also incorporates power-FETs and short-circuit protection so it can supply power to the flash media cards.

By combining these functions, designers can add remote control to systems that incorporate digital media devices, reducing system complexity and cost. It supports compact flash, ultra CF, SD, mini-SD, HSSD, Memory stick, MS-duo, HSMS, MS-Pro, Smart Media, MMC, RSMMC, MMCPlus, xD, and other flash media cards.

Designers can use the USB2232 to add an IR remote-control receiver to a monitor or printer and connect it to the host system via a USB cable or possibly a wireless USB interface. By placing the CIR port on the monitor or peripheral, users won’t have to point a remote control at the computer itself. Computers then could stay out of sight.

With the software embedded in the controller, the chip can operate in standalone mode. Or with an external flash memory, the firmware can be upgraded using a USB device firmware upgrade utility.

In lots of 10,000 units, the ROMless version USB2232 costs $5.80 each. Samples will be available next month.

Standard Microsystems Corp. (SMSC)

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