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A Netcentric Warfare Webliography

The search terms, "Power to the Edge," "Global Information Grid," "Transformational Communications," and "Network Centric Warfare" uncover a wealth of information for anyone curious about military communication in space. The URLs below were useful in the preparation of this article.
Military Programs
"The C2 Constellation, A US Air Force Network Centric Warfare Program—Network Centric Applications and C4ISR Architecture," Col Norman Sweet. This 31-page paper discusses Command, Control, Computing, Communication, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR).

"The DoD Net-Centric Data Strategy and Discovery & Mediation Enterprise Services," Anthony J. Simon. Seven-foil presentation on using XML to break down barriers to using data.

"From Stove-pipe to Network Centric—Leveraging Technology to Present a Unified View," Medhat A. Abuhantash. Paper. Describes an Army automation solution for tracking tactical intelligence data.

"The GIG Vision, Enabled by Information Assurance," National Security Agency Central Security Service Web site, Invitation to companies to present their Information-Assurance capabilities.

"Implementing the Global Information Grid (GIG)—A Foundation For 2010 Net Centric Warfare (NCW)," Frank Criste, May 18, 2004. The first 20 of these very detailed foils provide a good GIG overview.

"Moving Power to the Edge," John P. Stenbit, DISN Global Information Grid Enterprise Services Web site. (DISN is the global, end-to-end information transfer infrastructure of the DoD). Originally published in CHIPS—The Department of the Navy Information Technology Magazine, Summer 2003. Philosophy of Net-Centric Warfare.

"NetCentric Apps," Lt. General Tom Hobbins, Intercom, the journal of the Air Force C4 Community, April 8, 2004. Basic overview of the Transformational Satellite program with C2 Constellation background.

"Network Centric Warfare: Background and Oversight Issues for Congress," Clay Wilson, Published by the Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress, June 2, 2004. Backgrounder for members of Congress.

"Power to the Edge—Command... Control... in the Information Age," David S. Alberts and Richard E. Hayes. Published by The Command and Control Research Program (CCRP), June, 2003. A 300+ page book on Power to the Edge posted as an Adobe file on-line.

"POWER TO THE EDGE—Transformation of the Global Information Grid," HTML, edited from a presentation given by Dr. Margaret Myers, (undated). Some philosophy, but includes analysis of GIG PHY-layer modes.

"Space Internet—What's Missing?" James Rash (NASA/GSFC) and Keith Hogie, Ed Criscuolo, and Ron Parise (Computer Sciences Corp.), June 2003. Opportunities listed.

"Synchronicity Drives Transformational Communications," Robert K. Ackerman, SIGNAL, February 2003. Structure of DoD's Transformational Communications Office.

"Who Runs What in the Global Information Grid: Ways to Share Local and Global Responsibility," Martin Libicki, RAND Corp., 2000. More "Who should run what," than "Whom to call," the printed version of this 47-page book costs $14. The complete .pdf version is available for personal use only and may not be altered.

Radiation-Hardening Integrated Circuits
"Designing Integrated Circuits to Withstand Space Radiation," Donald C. Mayer and Ronald C. Lacoe, Crosslink, The Aerospace Corporation Magazine Of Advances In Aerospace Technology, Summer 2003. Circuit-design techniques for radiation hardening.

"MH1RT Rad Hard 1.6M Used Gates 0.35 ¦Ìm CMOS Sea of Gates/Embedded Array," Atmel Corp. Data sheet for a non-SOI technology.

"Modifications of COTS FPGA Devices for Space Applications," B. Cronquist et. al. A technical paper describing Actel's non-SOI rad-hardening circuit techniques.

"Radiation Owners' Manual—Glossary" National Semiconductor Corp. Short definitions of rad-hard terms. Part of a longer document from National Semiconductor.

"Semicustom Products—UT0.6mCRH/SRH Commercial RadHard and Strategic RadHard Gate Array Family Data Sheet," Aeroflex UTMC. May 2002. ASICs with up to 600,000 equivalent gates are fabbed by AMI Semiconductor.

"Single Event Effects," Keith E. Holbert, PhD, P.E., Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies, Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering Department, Arizona State University. Course material on radiation effects.

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