Electronic Design

NeuroSky Delivers Bio-Sensor Technology

NeuroSky has partnered with two companies to develop consumer electronics products that will be controlled with NeuroSky's bio-sensor technology. Toy and game company Sega Toys Co. and interactive music company Musinaut plan to use NeuroSky's technology in products that will be controlled by the power of thought. Sega Toys says it will develop toys that can be controlled with brainwaves and other bio-signals. "Our collaboration with Sega Toys will empower consumers to intimately interact with or control a toy using their mind," Stanley Yang, CEO of NeuroSky, said in a statement. France-based Musinaut, which makes MXP4 music players, plans to use NeuroSky's technology to enable users to select tunes and tracks by thinking about what they want to hear. Listeners will be able to browse available musical moods depending on their own emotions and desires, according to a company release. NeuroSky said the products will be on the market some time in 2008.

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