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Newport Media’s DTV Receiver Cuts Power, Size And Cost

\[September 5, 2006\] Addressing digital video broadcasting handheld (DVB-H) and digital video broadcasting terrestrial (DVB-T) applications, the Sundance H semiconductor and software combo promises significantly increased viewing time while simultaneously improving performance metrics, i.e., sensitivity, channel-switching time, and interference immunity. The system combines a quad-band, direct-conversion radio tuner, DVB-H demodulator and all memory required to receive up to eight simultaneous channels. Employing a low-cost 0.13-µm CMOS process, it specifies a 3-dB noise figure. A key feature, the chip claims the industry’s lowest power consumption at 20 mW. Other features include 55 dB of adjacent channel rejection and 110-Hz Doppler frequency performance in 8K mode. Additionally, the chip requires no external memory, baluns, or loop filters. Samples are available now. NEWPORT MEDIA INC., Lake Forest, CA. (949) 340-6169.


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