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Next-Gen Multiprocessors Step Up To Bat

Built on 28-nm technology, Freescale Semiconductor’s next-generation QorIQ multicore platform employs a multithreaded 64-bit Power Architecture core, up to 24 virtual cores, acceleration engines, and power management. The QorIQ AMP series delivers up to 4x the performance of the company’s previous-generation eight-core QorIQ P4080 device. The multithreaded, 64-bit Power Architecture e6500 core runs at speeds up to 2.5 GHz and the AMP series’ compression/decompression technology provides 20 Gb/s of performance. A new SEC 5.0 crypto accelerator offloads protocol processing including LTE, IPSec, and SSL, at up to 40 Gb/s while delivering nearly 140 Gb/s of raw crypto hardware acceleration. FREESCALE SEMICONDUCTOR INC., Austin, TX. (800) 521-6274.

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