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Opteron 4100 Series Targets Cloud

Opteron 4100 Series Targets Cloud

AMD's latest 6-core Opteron 4100 Series of processos targets cloud computing and small business servers. It builds on the earlier 12-core "Magny Cours" Opteron 6100 Series release. The 6-core Opteron 4100 processors are destined for 1P and 2P platforms.

The 4100 Series consists of quad and hex core versions with an average compute power (ACP) ranging from 32W to 50W to 75W. They employ the AMD-P power management system that adds the C1E power state. This stops the HyperTransport and powers down the memory controller while retaining memory. Like the 6100 Series, this line incorporates the AMD-V virtualization technology as well as I/O virtualization. It will support Intels' Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX).

The 4100 Series utilizes the latest 6.4 GHz HyperTransport 3 technology. The chips employ a pair of x16 HyperTransport 3 links. The chips include a 3Mbyte L2 cache and a 6Mbyte L3 cache. The processors also incorporate dual channel memory controllers. These support the standard 1.5V DDR3 1333 as well as the lower voltage 1.3V LV-DDR3 memory. The systems incorporate advanced platform management link including dynamic power capping and monitoring. The chips include a precision thermal monitor.

The new line is NEBS-friendly and addresses highly customized, long-term designs. Its long term support is at least 5+2 years. AMD also provides a line of low power chipsets and graphics support.

Overall, the series delivers higher performance with a 24% lower power profile over prior Opteron versions.

Pricing for the Opteron 4100 Series starts at $99. The line fits into AMD's Socket C32.


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