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Partners Deliver 200-MIPS ARM9 Solution

ATMEL Corp. and Green Hills Software joined forces to bring a complete development package for the ARM920T platform from the AT91RM9200. The combination takes advantage of Atmel's hardware and Green Hills' software strengths, allowing developers to utilize Green Hills' MultiIDE development environment and the royalty-free Integrity RTOS right away.

The AT91RM9200's ARM9 core is surrounded by a pair of 16-kbyte caches, USB 1.1 host and device interfaces, 10/100T Ethernet, four USARTs, a serial peripheral interface, 16 kbytes of SRAM, and a 128-kbyte boot ROM. Applications are typically downloaded from Atmel serial DataFlash. There's an interface for external SDRAM, Burst Flash, Compact Flash, and Smart Media storage. This interface can handle Atmel's AT77C101 fingerprint scanner as well. The SSC interface can be connected to an audio digital-to-analog converter. There are plenty of GPIO ports, too. Debugging support includes a JTAG interface and ARM ETM trace support.

Pricing for the AT91RM9200 starts at $12. It comes in both PQFP208 and BGA256 packages. A software development kit for the chip along with Green Hills (www.greenhills.com) software is available for $5000. Linux support will be available from Atmel (www.atmel.com).

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