Power Switch, Controller Merge Onto One Chip

The MIC2569YQS is a CableCard 2.0 Power Controller designed for use in CableCard applications. Developed by Micrel, the controller will supply power to CableCard 2.0 cards in CableCard host systems. The device supports both S-Mode (Single Stream Video) and M-Mode (Multiple Stream Video) through a simple-to-control parallel interface.

All voltage switching is soft-start at turn-on and break-before-make when changing between different voltage supplies. Output capacitors may be discharged during internal shunting of FETs.

Built-in current limiting protects both V\[INFERIOR CC\] and V\[INFERIOR PP\] output lines of the host system from card faults and accidental short circuits. The IC also provides a FAULT/signal to indicate that an overcurrent or fault condition exists. Internal thermal-monitoring circuitry protects the device itself in the event of a sustained overcurrent condition.

TAGS: Micrel
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