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Pre-Fabricated ASIC Platforms Eye High-Performance Systems

Two predesigned ASIC platform slices, the RapidChip Xtreme and RapidChip Integrator, are now members of LSI Logic's ASIC platform family.

The Xtreme platform is optimized for high-performance, high-bandwidth applications such as communications, storage, and computing. It offers up to 18 million ASIC gates and up to 10 Mbits of on-chip memory.

The Integrator platform, which packs from 2.9 million to 9.8 million gates and up to 5.3 Mbits of RAM, targets the same three areas. However, the Integrator platform has a slightly lower peak performance capability and uses lower-cost wire-bond packaging schemes. As a result, it best suits consumer, industrial, security, instrumentation, imaging, and other more cost-sensitive application areas.

Pre-integrated on the Xtreme platform are eight, 16, or 32 GigaBlaze serializer/deserializer channels, each capable of data-transfer rates of 4.25 Gbits/s. This lets designers use the serial interfaces with standards such as 1- and 10-Gbit Ethernet and Fibre Channel, as well as with serial Advanced Technology Attachment (ATA), serial attached SCSI, and PCI Express.

The platform also supports the company's HyperPHY transceivers, which can be used to implement SPI-4.2 or SFI 4.1 link interfaces. To get the most from the high-speed I/O ports, the Xtreme slices are designed for flip-chip packaging.

LSI Logic Corp.

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