Wireless Systems Design

Processor Drives Wireless-Access Security

Wireless-Internet security may perform better if the speed of transactions is increased. A new Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) chip, called the RC32365 Interprise Access integrated communications processor, uses hardware acceleration to address the need for greater security in the small-office home-office (SOHO) gateway and wireless-access markets. The processor's on-chip security-acceleration engine provides support for the latest security standards, including DES, 3DES, and the advanced encryption standard (AES). To enable cryptographic applications, it incorporates a random-number generator (RNG). These security features make it well suited to gateways, wireless access points, and VPN systems. This is especially relevant when combined with the integration of PCI and PCMCIA interfaces, Ethernet connectivity, and the price/performance point of the RC32365 processor.

The RC32365 communications processor incorporates an SDRAM memory controller with a 32-b MIPS CPU core operating at up to 150 MHz. Two Ethernet MACs with industry-standard media-independent interfaces (MIIs) also are included. The processor integrates a 32-b, version 2.2 PCI controller and a 16-b, PCMCIA version 2.1 interface. The PCI and PCMCIA interfaces provide system designers with a connection to a wide range of peripherals and chip sets, including WLAN solutions. The processor is compatible with a range of popular embedded operating systems, including VxWorks and Linux.

The RC32365 integrated communications processor is currently sampling with production quantities available this summer. Pricing for the device starts at $17.00 in 10,000-unit quantities.

Integrated Device Technology, Inc.
2975 Stender Way, Santa Clara, CA 95054; (408) 727-6116, www.idt.com.

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