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Processor Enables On-the-Fly Adjustment Of Space Applications

74268-ARousset, France: Atmel’s ATF697FF i is the first radiation-hardened (rad-hard) high-performance aerospace microprocessor that can be reconfigured on-the-fly, according to the company. This ability enables users to make continuous design modifications to satellites, including specification updates, in-flight adjustments during trial flights, and post-launch alterations, Atmel says.

The ATF697FF i integrates Atmel’s rad-hard AT697F processor and reconfigurable ATF280F (FPGA) unit in a single multichip module (MCM). Designed and developed by the Atmel Aerospace Business Unit, the processor adds the flexibility of a reprogrammable FPGA to the reliability of a core processor running application software.

The device particularly suits systems that need their peripherals and interfaces reconfigured, which makes it easier to comply with evolving standards such as SpaceWire, CAN, or IEEE1553. Also, the ATF697FF can run at up to 100 MHz and consumes as little as 0.7 W.


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