Electronic Design

Processors Target 1W Video Devices

Thought to be the industry’s smallest form-factor Power Architecture SoCs, the APM8018x family of embedded processors deliver server-class processing performance for consumer embedded systems that require less than 1W of operating power. In connected displays, the processors serve as the network co-processor to a video processing subsystem for Internet downloads. They support CPU frequencies up to 800 MHz and provide interfaces such as PCIe, SATA, GigE, SDIO, TDM, and USB 2.0. Estimated performance is 912 Dhrystone MIPS and typical power consumption is 0.3W in standby mode and 1.5W at 600 MHz. The APM801xx devices will come in three versions, the 801xx-400, 801xx-600, and 801xx-800, and in 10 mm x10 mm and 14 mm x14 mm BGA packages. Full production quantities are scheduled for the third quarter with pricing under $10 each/10,000. APPLIED MICRO CIRCUITS CORP., San Jose, CA. (800) 935-2622.


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