Programmable USB2 Controller Hubs Eschew External Memory

Programmable USB2 Controller Hubs Eschew External Memory

Microchip followed up its acquisition of SMSC, which included the “UCH2” USB2 controller hub portfolio, by adding seven new ICs across three product families. The parts are the first to provide programmability, enabling designs to be configured without external memory. Integration of “Quad Page” configuration OTP flash memory reserves space for interoperability and other customizations, including four separate configuration opportunities.  Programming the OTP memory, and generating configuration settings, is done via Microchip’s ProTouch Configuration Editor software tool. All of the seven new devices support both USB2 and USB High Speed Interchip (HSIC) connectivity. In addition, they offer long battery life via low-power modes such as Link Power Management (LPM), and the ability to replace wall chargers with advanced battery-charging modes like BC1.2, Apple, SE1, and China charging.  Multiple protocols are supported with direct I/O bridging to I2C, SPI, UART, and GPIO.


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