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PSoCs Enhance Analog Performance

PSoCs Enhance Analog Performance

Integrating higher-performance ADCs and CapSense touch-sensing technology, the CY8C28xxx PSoC 1 programmable system-on-chip allegedly enables more advanced mixed-signal and sensing applications as well as faster and more robust capacitive touch-sensing interfaces. The device’s architecture integrates up to 16 programmable analog and 12 digital blocks with an eight-bit microcontroller. It supports up to four simultaneous Delta-Sigma ADCs with six- to 14-bit resolution options, allowing it to sample up to four analog inputs simultaneously at 62 ksamples/s with an aggregate data sample rate of 248 ksamples/s. Two parallel CapSense touch-sensing channels allow the PSoC to process twice as much input data at any GPIO pins at the same scanning interval. Available in 48-pin QFN, 44-pin TQFP, and 20- and 28-pin SSOPs, the devices offer multi/single shot support and operate over a temperature range from -40°C to +85°C. CYPRESS SEMICONDUCTOR CORP., San Jose, CA. (800) 541-4736.
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