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Quadrature Clock Converters Unfetter MCUs

Quadrature Clock Converters Unfetter MCUs

Expanding the company’s family of quadrature clock converters, the LS7082N1, LS7083N, LS7084N, LS7183N, and LS7184N interface incremental encoders and counting devices by converting the encoder quadrature outputs into directional up/down clocks or clock and direction signals for driving the counting devices. When interfacing with microcontrollers (MCUs), the devices can free up the MCU’s resources by relieving its computational burden used for decoding the quadrature signals. Importantly, the converters are backward compatible with their respective older versions. Other features include x1, x2 or x4 frequency multiplication of the quadrature clock, p-clock and down-clock outputs or clock and direction outputs, programmable output clock pulse width, on-chip filtering of quadrature inputs, clock frequencies up to 16 MHz, 3V to 12V operation, and TTL and CMOS compatibility. The LS7082N1 is available in 14-Pin DIP and SOIC packages. Price is $1.45 each/1,000. The LS7083N, LS7084N, LS7183N, and LS7184N are available in eight-Pin DIP and SOIC packages at a price of $1.25 each/1,000. LSI Computer Systems Inc., Melville, NY. (631) 271-0400.


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