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R&D Lab Spinoff Provides Industry-Wide Access To Tools, Processes

The Advanced Technology Development Facility (ATDF) is now open for business. An independent subsidiary of Sematech's R&D wafer fab and associated analytical laboratories, it began operation last month. This Sematech spinoff will offer a wide range of semiconductor processing and analytical services to a broad customer base.

"While the Sematech consortium continues to focus on its core business of building industry infrastructure in lithography, materials, and manufacturing, the new company represents a complementary effort to meet the more targeted R&D needs of individual companies and universities," explained Mike Polcari, Sematech's president and CEO. "But ultimately, we share the same goal--to accelerate the commercialization of research and foster innovation in the development of advanced technology, equipment, and materials."

The ATDF provides customized technology development services, including nonclassical CMOS, custom development projects, prototyping services, and university projects. It also offers custom wafer-processing services for Sematech and external customers, like suppliers of equipment and materials. And, it supplies analytical services and electrical testing services for advanced materials and device characterization.

The facility will serve chipmakers, equipment and materials suppliers, universities, and companies working in emerging technologies. Each of these sectors can take advantage of the ATDF's extensive technology capabilities and focus on protection of intellectual property (IP).

Companies and universities will be able to test new designs, integration methodologies, and prototype systems in a manufacturing environment, leveraging the experience, facilities, and tools already in place in the ATDF fab. Each customer's data and IP will be fully protected. The ATDF also will develop industry-wide, accepted baseline processes to speed the development of new tools and materials for faster manufacturing at lower cost.

The facility's 62,000-ft2 Class 1 cleanroom offers both 200- and 300-mm processing capabilities. The ATDF additionally boasts Sematech's Process Characterization Laboratories, which provide metrology and analytical services.

Advanced Technology Development Facility

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