Electronic Design

Registered DDR DIMM Provides High Capacity

The PC2100 registered double-data-rate dual-inline memory module (DDR DIMM) provides 2-Gbyte capacity in a 1.125-in. form factor. The PC2100 achieves the highest memory density for Supermicro servers. Compatible servers include the Super P4DL6, Super P4DLR, Super P4DLR+, Super P4DP6, Super P4DPR-6GM+, Super 6012P-6, and Super 6022L-6. The DIMM also functions for Hewlett-Packard's Proliant ML580 G2 servers. In standard quantities, the S2048M3RGK1 costs $4426.

SimpleTech Inc.
www.simpletech.com; (800) 367-7330

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