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RMI's Alchemy Processor Powers iRiver PMP

2008 INTERNATIONAL CES — Reigncom (iRiver) chose RMI Corp.'s Alchemy? Au1250 Processor for its iRiver P10 Personal Media Player (PMP). The P10 PMP, which has a 4-inch LCD touch-screen interface, runs on the Windows Embedded 5.0 operating system that is powered by the 600-MHz Alchemy Au1250?. The processor is in full-production and offers performance levels ranging from 400MHz to 700MHz, depending on the application. The new 700MHz version enables capabilities like faster re-draw speeds for navigation devices and increased browser speed for Wi-Fi-enabled products. iRiver has been designing versions of the Alchemy Processor into its PMPs for over five years, according to Kyung Kim, director of marketing for Reigncom. RMI's Alchemy solutions include the Au1200 and Au1550 processor families. The Au1200 family of media processors is targeted at full-featured PMPs, Personal Navigation Devices (PNDs) and MobileTV. The Au1550 family offers network processing capabilities with a highly integrated network System-on-a-Chip (SoC) designed for wired and wireless applications. With a 33 GByte hard disk drive, iRiver's PMP can store over 45,000 songs and supports all audio and video formats. The player also features an FM tuner, flash games, recording capability, pod-casting, and an E-Dictionary.

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