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Sample-Rate Converter Straddles Pro And Consumer Audio Worlds

A 24-bit digital sample-rate converter is paired with a digital audio receiver and transmitter that's compatible with both professional and consumer audio standards in the Crystal CS8420 device. The IC is said to reduce both chip size and cost in audio systems and is further claimed as the only sample-rate converter capable of processing all of the audio industry's standard sample rates from 8 to 96 kHz. It delivers that conversion rate within a 1:3 to 3:1 ratio and supports 24-bit input and output resolution.As a result, users can connect a 24-bit audio source or 24-bit audio D/A converter to the CS8420 with no degradation in performance. A correctly dithered truncation technique supports output word sizes of 16 or 20 bits, maintaining audio quality across a variety of systems. Dynamic range is specified as 120 dB with a THD+N figure of typically -117 dB.


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