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Satellite TV Tuner Simplifies Digital TV Receiver Design

Combine the ZL10039 single-chip satellite tuner with the ZL10313 satellite demodulator chip, and you get an integrated and cost-effective front-end solution for free-to-air (FTA) satellite digital TV receivers and set-top boxes.

Developed by Zarlink Semiconductor, the ZL10039 direct-conversion tuner chip includes a high-performance low-noise amplifier (LNA), eliminating the need for additional RF circuitry. The chip also can handle 1 to 45 Msymbols/s for digital video broadcast satellite (DVB-S), digital satellite systems (DSS), and eight-phase shift keying (8PSK) receiver systems.

The ZL10039's integrated RF loop-through and power-and-forget voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) eliminate the need for time-consuming VCO calibration. Zarlink's ZLE10541 full reference design combines the ZL10039 tuner and ZL10313 demodulator.

Available features include a high-speed blind-scan capability in which an on-chip hard-wired controller enables the chip to achieve ultra-fast channel scanning with little intervention from an external processor. The two-chip subsystem consumes less than 1 W when operating. A sleep mode reduces the power drain to less than 1 mA. Contact the company for volume pricing.

Zarlink Semiconductor Inc.

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