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SDI Equalizer Extends Cable Reach And Halves Power

SDI Equalizer Extends Cable Reach And Halves Power

The LMH0394 SDI equalizer extends the reach of broadcast video signals by 40%, i.e., 200m at 3 Gb/s, while delivering half the power (115 mW) of comparable equalizers. The device also includes an automatic power-down mode that, in the absence of an input signal, reduces power consumption by 85%. Other features include a typical jitter less than 0.15 unit intervals (UI) of output jitter up to 100m, 0.2 UI up to 140m, and 0.4 UI up to 180m at 3G data rates, LVDS drivers with programmable offset, amplitude and output de-emphasis, a cable length indicator that can approximate cable lengths within 1m of accuracy, and support for passive external splitters. A dual output version, the LMH0395, is also available. Consuming 145 mW from a 2.5V supply, its dual outputs remove the need for an external 1:2 buffer. Prices for the LMH0394 and LMH0395 are $21.95 and $22.95 each/1,000. NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR CORP., Santa Clara, CA. (800) 272-9959.

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