Electronic Design

Second-Generation NPU Doubles Performance

The second-generation NP-1c network processor (NPU) has 50% more task-optimized processors (TOPs) than the previous NP-1. It's pin-compatible with the NP-1, though. Also, applications don't have to be recompiled because the TOPs are transparently assigned tasks. The other power boost comes from moving to a 0.11-µm technology and running the system clock at 220 MHz.

Developed by EzChip Technologies, the NP-1c offers a cost-effective alternative to other NPUs. That's due to its on-chip classifier, which requires less expensive off-chip dynamic RAM. The solution supports full duplex operation with a single chip at 10-Gbit/s line speeds. Competitors typically need two half-duplex chips to provide the same support. The processor also has enough time to process all seven protocol layers.

Priced at $800 in OEM quantities, the NP-1c network processor costs 30% less than the NP-1.

EzChip Technologies Inc., www.ezchip.com; (408) 879-7355.

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