Serial EEPROMs Slim Portable Displays

Serial EEPROMs Slim Portable Displays

STMicroelectronics is putting its serial EEPROMs into a new low-profile UFDFPN5 package (also known as MLP5), measuring 1.4 by 1.7mm. This thin package is easy to integrate with standard production processes and is 40% smaller than UFDFPN8, previously the smallest package size in widespread use. The EEPROMs in their new packages also weigh 56% less than the UFDFPN8 at only 7 mg.

Designed for ultra-small and lightweight LCD modules in notebooks and tablets, the first device to come in the new EEPROM package is the M24C16-FMH6TG. This 16-kbit device is compatible with 400-kHz and 100-kHz I2C-bus modes, has a maximum byte or page write time of 5 ms, and draws only 1 mA in read or write mode and 1 µA in standby.

32-kbit, 64-kbit, and 128-kbit variants supporting I2C will follow during 2014.


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