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SOC Brings Audio To E-Appliance Mart

By integrating an ultra-low power ARM processor with advanced intellectual properties covering audio processing and peripherals, the Maverick EP7212 system-on-a-chip (SOC) enables OEMs to quickly add Internet audio functionality to personal digital appliances, such as pocket organizers, electronic books, and game platforms. In addition, the chip can support multiple Internet audio standards, such as MP3 and Microsoft's Windows Media Audio format; it even supports Windows Media Technologies 4.The new e-appliance SOC packs an ARM 720T µP core with dynamically-programmable clock speeds of from 18 to 74 MHz at 2.5V. At 74 MHz, the chip is reportedly fast enough to match the performance of a 100-MHz Pentium processor while dissipating far less power: the chip dissipates


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