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SoC Cuts Costs For Inkjet Fax Machines

The PI-301 single-chip controller trims the cost of electronic subsystems in inkjet fax machines by 30% to 50% by replacing an assortment of controllers and memory components. This Agere Systems system-on-a-chip (SoC) combines as many as eight separate ICs while offering exceptional image quality, print features, and cost savings. It supports existing thermal fax designs and helps with the move to monochrome inkjet fax solutions for consumer and small-office applications.

All of the chip's I/O functions are programmable, giving manufacturers the flexibility of configuring I/O to support different print mechanisms and inkjet cartridge systems. With these design elements, fax developers can easily add features and customize their products. Engineering samples of the PI-301 will be available this quarter, with volume production in the second quarter. In sample lots, the chip costs less than $10 each.

Agere Systems
(800) 372-2447

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