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SoC/Platform Usher In Stemcell Computing

At CES 2009, the brainchild of ZiiLABS, a subsidiary of Creative Technology Ltd., announced the ZMS-05 SoC and the Zii Platform—forecasting a new era of Stemcell computing. Inspired by the performance of human stem cells, the ZMS architecture uses an array of media-optimized processing elements as its stem cells that can instantly develop into any of the specialized acceleration functions required by media-rich devices.

Scalability of the architecture is via the first Teraflop accelerator with the footprint of an A4-sized sheet of paper and consuming less power than a desktop PC. According to the company, utilizing the virtually unlimited chaining capability of the ZMS chip, a state-of-the- art hypercomputer with many Petaflops of processing power is possible, which can be 100-times smaller, 100-times greener, and 100-times lower cost than conventional super computers.

The ZMS-05 processor combines a media processing array, dual ARM cores, and a comprehensive set of peripheral controllers with hardware platforms and a SDK plus middleware.


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