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Speech Chip Opens New Applications

Speech recognition, speech synthesis and system control are provided on the RSC-464 IC. The device can replace existing 8-bit microcontrollers with a voice-enabled solution. The device is a powerful general-purpose microcontroller inside a speech recognition system-on-chip that includes a 16-bit ADC, DAC, digital filter unit, math unit, 4 KB RAM, 64 KB ROM, and amplification and timers. A firmware package, FluentChip 2.0, runs on the IC and provides features such as speaker independent (SI) recognition, speaker dependent (SD) recognition, speaker verification (voice password), biometrics, speech compression/playback and MIDI-like music synthesis. The Quick T2SITM (Text to Speaker Independent) toolkit allows for rapid creation of speaker-independent command sets by simply typing in the desired recognition vocabulary as text. Price is under $1.10 each in large quantities. SENSORY INC., Santa Clara, CA. (408) 240-1577


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