SPI FRAMs Optimised For Smart Meters And Industrial Machinery

SPI FRAMs Optimised For Smart Meters And Industrial Machinery

Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe’s MB85RS1MT and MB85RS2MT ferroelectric RAM (FRAM) devices feature 1-Mbit and 2-Mbit memory densities, the highest Fujitsu currently offers. Guaranteeing 10 trillion (10¹³) read-write cycles, they suit applications such as smart meters, industrial machinery, and medical devices where faster and lower-power alternatives to EEPROM are sought.

As a memory format, FRAM features both non-volatility and random access. With its fast writing speed, it can safely store data immediately at sudden power outages, ensuring system data integrity. For industrial machinery applications, where SRAM and EEPROM are used in parallel for storing data and parameters respectively, the MB85RS1MT and MB85RS2MT can unify the two memory technologies. The simplified system architecture of the resulting single technology reduces the risk of errors in the field, component count, printed circuit-board (PCB) footprint, and maintenance effort for battery replacement.



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