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In-System PLDs Come Loaded With 1024 Logic Cells, 512 kbits Of RAM

Two new members of the ispXPLD expanded programmable logic family, the ispXPLD5256MX and 51024MX, come with 256 and 1024 logic cells, respectively. The 5256MX also packs 128 kbits of on-chip memory, while the 51024MX includes 512 kbits of on-chip RAM. With a top operating speed of 300 MHz, the 5256MX offers pin-to-pin delays of 4.0 ns (tpd), 2.8 ns (tcko), and 2.2 ns (ts). The 51024MX features a top clock speed of 235 MHz and pin-to-pin delays of 5.2 ns (tpd), 3.8 ns (tcko), and 3 ns (ts). The 5256MX comes in a 256-contact fine-pitch BGA package, while the 51024MX is housed in either a 484- or 672-contact fine-pitch BGA package. In lots of 10,000 units, the 5256MX and 51024MX cost $9.50 and $42 each, respectively.

Lattice Semiconductor Corp
www.latticesemi.com; (503) 268-8000

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