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TDC Provides 64 Channels

TDC Provides 64 Channels

In addition to packing 64 channels, the Model YVX-657 time-to-digital converter (TDC) provides a less than 35-ps time resolution per channel. The board is groomed for time-of-flight measurements in applications including time-correlated spectroscopy, flash LADAR, medical imaging, and quantum cryptography. The FPGA-based processor records the differential time of arrival between a reference time and pulse arriving on any of the eight CMOS input channels or 64 LVDS channels. For each channel, up to 65,535 32-bit time stamps can be recorded at a maximum input event rate of up to 125 million events per second for each channel. VOXTEL INC., of Beaverton, OR. (971) 223-5646.





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