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Three ICs Each Contain A Pair Of AGC Amplifiers

A trio of Dual-MOSMIC chips is said to be the first monolithic transistor devices to combine two automatic gain control (AGC) amplifiers on a single IC. They’ll serve as low-noise input stages for UHF and VHF television tuners, allowing designers to combine two bands on a single device and eliminating the need for separate transistors to handle UHF and VHF bandwidths. The three devices offer a choice of typical transadmittance specs: 24 mS for TSDF52424, 30 mS for TSDF53030 and 40 mS for TSDF54040. All three are high-gain ICs with integrated gate-protection diodes and resistors, as well as an on-chip biasing network. AGC range is 45 dB at 800 MHz for all ICs.


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