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Toshiba Delivers Second-Gen 3D Comb Filter/Video Decoder

Anticipating the next wave of flat-panel TVs, set-top boxes, DVD recorders, and PC-TV cards, the TC90103AFG integrates a multi-standard three-line comb filter, 3D noise-reduction functions, a digital multi-standard decoder, and 5 Mb of embedded DRAM for frame-buffer memory into a 144-pin LQFP. The adaptive digital multi-standard color decoder makes the device suitable for use in worldwide chassis. It also packs 10-bit and 8-bit a/d converters to support various input interfaces including CVBS, S-Video, YCbCr, and 10-bit 4fsc digital CVBS. Other features include digital ITU-R656 and ITU-R601 outputs, signal-/noise-level detection, data slice functions, a Macrovision signal-detection circuit, analog AGC with sync and peak AGC, RGB fast-blanking mixer, and support for a SCART interface and Gemstar G-guide. Samples are available now and the device is in full production. Price is $10 each. TOSHIBA AMERICA ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS INC., San Jose, CA. (408) 526-2400.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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