Transistor Technology Validates Speed-Power Benefits

Transistor Technology Validates Speed-Power Benefits

SuVolta’s transistor technology has been verified in an ARM Cortex-M0 processor that offers significant processor speed gains with associated reductions in power. The ARM Cortex-M series processor was manufactured with SuVolta’s Deeply Depleted Channel (DDC) technology on a 65-nm bulk planar CMOS DDC process.

When compared to an identical ARM Cortex-M0 processor manufactured in the conventional 65-nm process, with a 1.2-V supply voltage, the DDC transistor-based ARM implementation operating at 0.9 V demonstrates a number of benefits. Total power consumption was 50% lower, at matched 350-MHz operating speed, while operating speed increased 35% at the same power level, or 55% when operated at the same supply voltage.


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