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Tri-Axis Digital Gyroscope Resides In Single Chip

Tri-Axis Digital Gyroscope Resides In Single Chip

Allegedly the first integrated gyroscope with three axes of rotation (pitch, roll, and yaw) on a single silicon chip, the ITG-3200 promises to reduce power consumption by over 50% and package size by 67% The device comes in a QFN package measuring 4 mm x 4 mm x 0.9 mm and its tri-axis integration eliminates cross axis interference and zero rate offset shift. The digital output eliminates the need for an external, high-resolution ADC. Other features include low-pass filters, an embedded temperature sensor, I2C serial interface, a full scale range of up to 2000°/s, noise figure of 0.03º/s/Hz, and a cross-axis isolation of ±2%. The ITG-3200 is available now for sampling with mass production coming in the first quarter of 2010. For more details, contact Doug Vargha at INVENSENSE INC., Sunnyvale, CA. (408) 988-7339, ext. 105.

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