Electronic Design

Triple-Rail Isolator Eyes Industrial Data Acquisition

Linear_1001-AGround potentials in industrial systems applications can vary widely, often exceeding the tolerable range, leading to communications disruptions or potentially destroying components. Linear Technology’s LTM2883, a six-channel SPI/Digital or I2C digital µModule isolator with triple-rail regulated power for 3.3- and 5-V systems, breaks ground loops by electrically separating communications signals. It isolates the logic-level interface on each side of an internal inductive isolation barrier that withstands a very large common-mode voltage range up to 2500 V rms. A low EMI-isolated dc-dc converter powers the communications interface and provides adjustable 5-, +12.5-, and −12.5-V supply outputs to power, for instance, data converters in data-acquisition systems. Two communications interface versions are available: the LTM2883-I (I2C-compliant up to 400 kHz with bidirectional SDA serial data plus SCL clock and three additional CMOS logic signals) and LTM2883-S (SPI-compliant with six CMOS digital communications channels). All channels operate at up to 20 Mbits/s.


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